Why Taking Card Payments Matters For Small Businesses

Small businesses must adapt to customer preferences for card payments to thrive. Discover how Sway's seamless and affordable system, combining QR code payments and instant settlement open banking, is revolutionising how small businesses handle transactions - turning them into a competitive advantage. Embrace the future of payments with Sway

The era of cash transactions is fading as more consumers embrace the convenience of card payments. As a small business owner in the UK, this shift presents an exciting opportunity to align your business with customer preferences, streamline transactions, and improve your cash flow. Welcome to our beginner’s guide to small businesses taking card payments.

Embracing Card Payments: Why It Matters

For the small business owner, every customer counts. By offering card payments, you’re saying ‘yes’ to every potential customer, regardless of their payment preference. Moreover, digital transactions can provide valuable data to help you understand your customer base better.

Accepting card payments is easier than ever with the plethora of small business payment apps and systems available. These applications allow your small business to take card payments even without a traditional point-of-sale system. One shining example of this revolution is Sway, a small business payment app designed specifically to make card payments simple and affordable.

QR Code Payments: The Future of Payments

Now, let’s dive into QR code payments – an innovative solution designed to optimise payments for small businesses. QR code payments make transactions swift and secure. Customers simply scan a QR code using their smartphone, eliminating the need for physical cards or contact with payment terminals.

Sway has integrated QR code payments seamlessly into its offering, providing small businesses with an efficient payment system. With fees as low as 1.5% for card transactions, it’s the lowest in the market – a major win for cost-conscious small business owners.

The Sway Advantage: Making Payments Work for You

Beyond affordability, Sway offers a small business payment system that’s user-friendly and packed with features. A standout feature of Sway is the option to take open banking payments for free. This feature allows businesses to accept payments directly from customers’ bank accounts, bypassing the need for card transactions entirely.

But what truly sets Sway apart is the instant settlement for open banking payments. No more waiting days for your payments to clear. With Sway, the funds are transferred to your account instantly. It’s a game-changer for small businesses, where cash flow can often make or break the operation.

Getting Started with Sway

Ready to begin your journey with card payments? Here’s how to get started with Sway:

  1. Download the Sway app. It’s available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Set up your account. Sway guides you through the process, ensuring a smooth setup.
  3. Start taking payments. With Sway, you can accept both card and open banking payments.

And that’s it! In just three steps, you can revolutionise your business with seamless, affordable payments.


The world of payments is changing, and small businesses must adapt to stay ahead. The move to card payments isn’t just a trend; it’s an evolution in how businesses operate. By embracing the convenience of small business payment apps like Sway, you position your business to thrive in this changing landscape.

Through Sway, small businesses taking card payments and embracing open banking solutions can transform transactions from a routine process into a competitive advantage. It’s not just about making payments easier; it’s about creating a better, more flexible business model.

Take the leap into the future of payments with Sway and experience the difference of a small business payment system designed with your needs in mind.

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